Will Lyon Tupman

Most of you will remember Will, who joined us at St. Mary Magdalene a couple of years ago for a short placement.

Here is his Facebook posting for Mothering Sunday weekend -

Today, it is exactly 10 years since my Mother passed on. She passed on 9 years after my Father.
Tomorrow would have been her 57th birthday, and Sunday will be Mothering Sunday.

They both passed on with heart disease, which is why with your help I've raised over £15,000 so far for the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK (the latter charity for my Uncle and Aunt, who passed on with cancer).

I'm very lucky to have so many wonderful friends like you, and my amazing family.

Thank you all.

I'm also very lucky to have an amazing life now, a life which I love & which would also make my Parents happy too.

I'm also very thankful to God - because of His glorious, salvific acts, I have certain faith that I will see my Parents again.

An extract from my first Sermon, which I preached a couple of years ago on a parish Church placement in Sussex:

"When we turn to God in prayer, in supplication or petition as well as praise, we can be assured that God will answer our prayers. That’s a guarantee: God will answer all of our prayers. At times, He might not answer them in the ways we anticipate, or feel best or want. But He knows what is best for us; what we need is to have faith that God knows what is best for us, and at an opportune time, God will reveal this to us when we are ready."

I'm planning to have a weekend doing all sorts of things I love - running, seeing friends, going to an art exhibition, going to Church, and attending a lecture.