On safety grounds, a large yew tree in the southern part of the churchyard has been drastically reduced in size.    . . . .  more

During a storm, the tree “broke its back” with one large section toppling over grave structures and another leaning perilously close to the public footpath.  This path is in frequent use by schoolchildren, dog-walkers and visitors, whose safety would be compromised if no action was taken.

By relieving the tree of much of its weight in timber, branch-wood and foliage, we are hopeful of vigorous new growth so that, over time, this ancient yew will once again become a feature of the churchyard.

Susan Ayres & Tim Hutchings, Churchwardens
October 2020

One of the features of St. Mary Magdalene’s churchyard is a splendid ancient yew tree in the southern part opposite the porch  . . . . more